Root Vegetable Greens and Strawberry Smoothie

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A smooth, earthy smoothie to welcome Taproot Farm CSA, Week 1!

TGIF and Happy WEEK ONE of CSA Season to my Taproot Farm Friends! I can’t believe it’s the start of my THIRD season of recipe creation – time has flown. Thank you Ola and Taproot Farm team for this great opportunity. I cross post recipes on both their recipe page and my personal blog, so be sure to check both out if you can!

Each season I challenge myself to be not only creative but realistic with the recipes I am creating. How many of us have multiple hours to spend in the kitchen? Maybe more so now with COVID-19, but even with being at home more it’s a lot of effort to cook super involved meals. 

This recipe was inspired by my need of the everyday afternoon pick-me-up snack. Admittedly, I search out the sweets (cookies, chocolate, you name it). And some days that’s needed. Other days, I need a nutritious and energizing boost. That’s where this smoothie comes in. How many of you toss your root vegetable greens? I have been guilty of doing that for many, many years. But, it makes a powerful and earthy smoothie addition this recipe focuses around. It’s the perfect boost to power me through the rest of the day. I hope you’ll give it a try – enjoy!

Makes 1 Serving

Recipe by © Alysha Melnyk 2020

The Kitchenologist©


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Kitchen Tools:


Measuring Spoons

Measuring Cups


1 Cup Ice Cubes

1 Cup Root Vegetable Greens (I used a blend of radish and hakurei turnip greens)

1/2 Cup Fresh Strawberries

1/4 Cup Milk or Milk Alternative

1/4 Cup Yogurt (I used a local Conebella Farms Raspberry Yogurt)

1 Tablespoon Honey or Natural Sweetener

Additional Toppings: More strawberries, granola, cacao nibs, extra honey, etc.

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1. Combine all ingredients (root vegetable greens, fresh strawberries, milk/milk alternative, yogurt/yogurt alternative, ice cubes and sweetener into a blender.

2. Blend until smooth in texture.

3. Pour and enjoy cold with additional toppings of choice.


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