Roasted Maple & Fennel Buttercup Winter Squash

A simple and delicious way to enjoy buttercup winter squash – roasted in the oven and topped with some fun flavor combinations. Fall/winter squash are some of my favorite vegetables to create with as the weather starts to cool down. There’s so many ways to prepare the squash and mix it in to a variety…

Roasted Root Vegetable Ratatouille

A root vegetable “twist” on a traditional ratatouille recipe. The first time I saw traditional ratatouille was as a cartoon in (you guessed it) the Disney movie “Ratatouille”. The dish always looked so beautiful with its sliced colorful vegetables perfectly arranged. Although my version is far from perfect looking, the colors and placement of the thin…

One Pan Butternut Squash Breakfast

It’s that time of year again for butternut squash EVERYTHING! Admittedly, I was entirely giddy when I opened up my CSA share the other week and found a beautiful Butternut Squash from Taproot Farm. I absolutely love Fall varieties of squashes, and I eat as much of them as I can while they are in season….

Big Beautiful Beet, Carrot and Cucumber Salad

In the mood for a refreshing weekday salad? Check out this simple and delicious recipe! I love making big salads for lunch and dinner! It’s a great way to use a number of ingredients in your refrigerator and also get a healthy, nutritious meal in. The colors in this recipe remind me of autumn – all…

Pan Fried Pumpkin, Sage and Cheese Squash Blossoms

Tying in the last of the summer squash blossoms with some fun fall flavors! One of my very first Taproot Farm CSA shares of the summer had beautiful squash blossoms. They were so delicious, and as I was strolling through the West Reading Farmer’s Market the other weekend I spotted one sole bag and had to snatch…

Chard, Potato, Pepper and Onion Egg Bake

Ready to save some time on weekday breakfasts or cooking brunch for a large group? Spend an hour prepping/cooking this egg bake and you’re ready to go! I love having eggs and vegetables for breakfast, but I find that my weekdays tend to be a little bit too hectic for that to happen every day….

Sweet and Simple Stone Fruit Salad

Enjoying the last of the summer fruit in the best way possible – in a tasty mixed greens salad! I’m soaking up all the summer fruit possible – especially the stone fruit! Weaver’s Orchard is just up the road from my parent’s house, and the other week I picked up some peaches, plums and apricots….

Zucchini, Tomato and Sweet Pepper Pie

A savory pie that’s sure to delight your family, friends and dinner guests as this summer starts coming to a close! Pairs wonderfully with a fresh side salad and corn on the cob. As September approaches, I can’t help but think about all the delicious local pies popping up with fall flavors – apple, pumpkin, you…

Cabbage, Kale & Nectarine Salad

Seasonal greens and fruit – the best combination! Feel free to change this up with any types of greens and seasonal fruit you have on hand. I always have a tricky time finding out how to use cabbage. I’m used to having it in soups, filled cabbage rolls, and coleslaw, but honestly not much else….

Italian Style Breakfast Wrap

When you want a breakfast burrito (but also want tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and prosciutto!) this Italian Style Breakfast Wrap is the way to go! I love making anything with eggs on the weekends – especially different styles of breakfast sandwiches! I had a delicious chorizo breakfast burrito a few weeks back at one of my…