Savory and Delicious Kohlrabi Hashbrowns

I have to be completely honest in saying I actually did not know what I would create when I saw an organic kohlrabi in my CSA share from Taproot Farm for the first time! I have only had kohlrabi in restaurants before (I believe incorporated into a soup a few times!), but have never made in on my own….

The Healthier “Bagel Bite”: Zucchini Supreme Pizza Bites

Reminiscent of the “Bagel Bites” you may or may not have devoured as a kid, these Zucchini Supreme Bagel Bites are a definite crowd pleaser at a party (or easy/ healthy dinner option) for the kids and kids at heart! Thin slices of zucchini, topped with tomato basil sauce, a blend of cheeses, multicolor sweet peppers, uncured…